Poland erupts against France and Germany: calls for tougher sanctions on ‘fascist’ Russia


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Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawieckihas severely criticized France and Germany for not tightening Sanctions on Russia, a “totalitarian fascist state” that carried out “genocide” in Ukraine. At a news conference in Warsaw on Monday, the president urged “bold and radical steps” to give up imports of Russian gas and oil and confiscate goods from the country and Russia. their oligarchs.

So Morawiecki wants to distance himself from his partner to disrupt what he sees as slowness and lack of power, sending a very pointed message to both parties Emmanuel Macron like Olaf Schultzalthough his accusations against Germany were aimed at the former chancellor, Angela Merkel: “Berlin’s policies over the past dozen years have given Russia today a power that is derived from the sale of raw materials.”

Morawiecki addressed Macron: “Mr. President, youHow many times have you traded Vladimir Putin? What have you achieved? Have you stopped any of your actions? You don’t negotiate with criminals, you have to fight criminals. “

But the Polish prime minister has not forgotten any of his community partners: “Dear colleagues in European capitals: let us stop calculating inhumanely and let us start acting more effectively.”

“Totalitarianism” and “Genocide”

Morawiecki made sure to be shocked by Pictures of Butcha, in Ukraine, the most brutal conflict and one that most clearly identified Putin as a war criminal. “Russia today is a totalitarian fascist state that is guilty of genocide and must be properly described, recorded and punished,” he declared.

Finally, he proposed the creation of an “international committee to investigate crime in Ukrainian cities” composed of “doctors, criminologists and experts.”

In terms of its territory and capabilities, Poland has intensified cargo inspections of vehicles crossing the border into Belarus, resulting in long queues at road customs for up to 80 hours. The goal is to “completely verify that goods that are not transported can be used for war in Russia”.

Another European colleague, Victor Orban, has successfully won the polls and will lead Hungary for the fourth consecutive term. His stance on the war differed not only from Morawiecki’s, but from other leaders as well.so that Putin congratulates him And invited him to establish an “association”.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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