Poland authorizes immediate deportation of illegal immigrants


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Illegal immigrants may Expelled Poland immediately, Did not even analyze the asylum request. This is how the urgently reformed new immigration law exposes it.

With the new legal reforms, law enforcement officials can immediately expel people who have entered Poland illegally from outside the European Union (EU), Except for parents accompanied by minor children.

The expulsion must be recorded in the report, and its confirmation will be supervised by the head of the border guard, but it will be executed immediately. In addition, the offender cannot return to Poland or any country in the Schengen area for 6 months to 3 years.

On the other hand, the new law provides The expulsion will be carried out without considering any asylum request Unless the applicant “directly comes from a territory where his life or freedom is threatened, persecuted, or threatened with serious harm”.

the last one Sentenced to 6 months to 5 years in prison For those who “destroy, modify, move or render the protection and demarcation elements of the Polish border (such as fences, barbed wire or obstacles) useless”.

Warsaw accused Belarus of provoking an immigration crisis at the border to “destabilize the European Union” and provoking a “hybrid war.”

Jakub Kumoch, the head of international policy at the Presidential Palace, confirmed on Tuesday that the Aleksandr Lukashenko regime did not prevent people from crossing the Polish border from its territory, but allowed “More and more people are queuing at the airport” To Minsk and then to the border from there.

“There is a paradox,” Cuomochi said. “When these people are stopped at the border and asked if they want to apply for political asylum, the answer is usually no.” “We have reason to say that this is the case. A test of our defensive capabilities,” Kumoqi concluded.

Last Monday, the Polish government increased its military presence on the Belarusian border until 10,000 soldiers And plans to build a surveillance device consisting of a 10-foot-tall wall and an electronic system.

The three Polish provinces bordering Belarus have been on alert since September. According to Frontex, nearly 1,400 people have illegally crossed the Polish border since the beginning of this year.


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