Plastic Odyssey: Association for the Purification of the Seas Courier of the Americas


“Clean up the past and build the future” is the ambition of the French association Plastic Odyssey, a team of sailors, engineers, architects and communicators who go to sea for 3 years to visit the most polluted places in the world and offer concrete solutions for efficient and productive plastic recycling.

These solutions, in the form of recycling machines tailored to local needs in the most affected countries, will create a supply network for recycled plastics around the world and help local communities earn a living from this circular economy.

It is therefore a kind of “Plastic Calypso”, whose official start will be given on November 15, 2021 from the port of Marseille. Its goal is not to clean the ocean, but to help find a solution so that it is no longer contaminated with plastics.

Ultimately, the goal of Plastic Odyssey is to create a global network (that’s why we call you that) to combat plastic pollution. The three-year expedition has a budget of $ 9.5 million and is still missing: individuals and companies can always be helped!


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