Plant shoots Tyson: you were stronger than Douglas, Holyfield and Lewis, but it did not help you


Caleb Factory retaliated Mike Tyson after the boxing legend announced that Plant would be comfortably defeated in his upcoming fight with Canelo Alvarez placeholder image

Plant aims to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion of all time when he faces off Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on November 6.

Iron Mike has made it clear who he thinks will win the fight, as he recently endorsed. Alvarez play comprehensively Plant

“This guy [Canelo Alvarez] going to f *** ing kill [Caleb Plant], “said Tyson during the recent Hotboxin With Mike Tyson podcast.

“He’s your friend, you go to his funeral. He looks like some Floyd Mayweather Shit, he fucked up. Wait until that bastard starts hitting this body, Alvarez, those nasty body shots, oh he’ll be fucked. “

Anyway, Plant did not really like these words, since he listed a number of TysonThe loudest defeats when he expected to get a physical advantage.

“[Mike Tyson] was stronger than “Buster” Douglas, but it did not help him, “- said Plant during an interview with

“He was determined to win. He was stronger than Lennox Lewis, he was stronger than Evander Holyfield but winning a battle is much more than just being stronger than someone.

“There are many keys and many factors that affect the fight, and not all of them are related to strength.”

Plant then proceeded to urge his doubters to speak to Jose Uzcategui, the man went through a difficult time during his fight with Plant in January 2019 when he was knocked down twice.

“For those who think that I am not hitting hard, you can ask Jose Uzcatega,” Plant continuation.

“How many times has he sat on his ass?”

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