Plan change: Kiko Matamoros returns to the “Deluxe Edition”


There is no doubt about this Kiko matamoros He has become one of the most famous TV faces on the small screen. Thanks to his extensive course as a collaborator of all current formats related to the pink printing press, Tertullian Has been increasing its TV cache.He is currently actively involved help me. Until a few weeks ago, he was still luxury room, Although he left. After many rumors pointing to possible dismissal, Matamoros wanted to clarify what happened. “withl Luxury I have left Out of my own will“, he wrote very sincerely. However, something unexpected happened and Makoke’s predecessor rejoined.

After reaching an agreement with the producer of the format, Kiko Matamoros returned to the “Deluxe Edition”. /Gtres

It seems that Kiko Matamoros has reached an agreement with the producer. “I want to thank Dome, because they understand me”Qizi said as soon as the space started. The host of the format, Jorge Javier Vázquez, expressed his joy at the return of Matamoros. »For me, if Kiko leaves the show, it will be a tragedy », Point out the author Life is serious. On the other hand, Maria Patinho and Belen Esteban pledged that Jorge Javier “protected and supported” Kico Matamoros, who was “her protector.”

Kiko Matamoros in the file image.  /Gtres
Kiko Matamoros in the file image. /Gtres

In the last interview with Deluxe, Anita Matamoros’ father revealed some details about the television interruption. “I haven’t said to leave. For a while I will only talk about the reason for my fatigue on time. I thank the producer for what it means to my life. I like work and TV. I like you and many of my colleagues (…) I want to continue working, but it depends on the conditions, I’m not just talking about money. I want to be responsible and talk about it before I have to talk to anyone. My response is responsible, everything is magnified here, because the scandal interested us”, he explained sincerely.

Kiko Matamoros in the file image.  /Gtres
Kiko Matamoros in the file image. /Gtres

In addition, to show her sincerity, Kiko told the magazine exclusively Reading How does he view this complicated situation. «I have left luxury room How Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid against my wishes, but made a decision that was up to me,” he said frankly. “The first person who had to evaluate his work was himself , I know there is a certain amount of grievances. I’m not going to go into details. It’s hardly a question of numbers, but a question of recognition. In this sense, I don’t feel recognized, nothing more,” Matamoros told the aforementioned media. Nevertheless, the fact is , Kiko Matamoros is back again and is very excited about the upcoming new professional stage, where he will show that he is an important part of the heart plan to make the weekend night full of energy.

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