Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi made history by hitting five home runs in one inning.


In his 11 years in the Major Leagues, pitcher Nathan Eovaldi has never had such a disastrous performance as he did with the Boston Red Sox.Match with Houston Astros.

His hometown team treated him in a special way.

Eovaldi learned a bitter lesson from his hometown MLB team, as after entering the game in the second inning with a 1-0 lead, I let five opponents send the ball over the fence.

Sad for a Boston Red Sox pitcher’s record he joined the painful list where only Michael Blazek and Chase Anderson have suffered so bitterly.

In July 2017, Blazek became the first pitcher in MLB history to hit five homers, but that was in the third inning.

Three years later, Anderson repeated the scene, only in the fourth inning.

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The most painful part of the case for Nathan Eovaldi is that his fiasco on the hill came early in a game that his team lost 14-3.

Jordan Alvarez, Kyle Tucker, Jeremy P, Michael Brantley and Julius Gurriel were executioners. who cut off the head of Eovaldi, who had to pass the ball to pitcher Tyler Danish, who could do little to reverse the losing trend, as the scoreboard read 9-1 when he took the mound.

Notably, in his first seven starts this season, Eovaldi has amassed a 3.15 ERA (126 ERA+) and a 6.00 strike-to-walk ratio.

In nine games alone, the pitcher turned down six homers, the last of which was Blazek’s aforementioned start.

Meanwhile, the Houston Astros set an MLB record for most home runs in a single inning with five hits.


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