Piqué: this is how he has confirmed that he has not broken up with Clara Chía


New change of scenery in the situation of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia. If a few hours ago it was the program socialite who claimed that the couple had broken up and that Shakira had a lot to do with it, now there has been a 180 degree change. Not only are they still together, but they’ve gone on a Christmas getaway together to Prague to continue enjoying his unconditional love.

The proof that they are still dating has been uploaded by a fan account, providing an image of both at Barcelona airport. Piqué and Chía are in the Catalan terminal in the moments before leaving for a trip in which they hope to experience new and magical fair moments. In the snapshot, the ex-soccer player can be seen very caring and attentive to his partner.

The breakup voices go out with this plan, but, as if that were not enough, there is new information that makes it clear what the couple’s status is. As he has pointed out The newspaper, Piqué’s environment has been in charge of slipping that he could not be happier with his co-worker. They spend as much time as possible together and even Clara Chía stays to sleep several days a week in the apartment on Muntaner street where Piqué has established his residence since he separated from Shakira. It has not been the only recent plan since last Monday they dined at the Koya Izakaya restaurant in the center of Barcelona.

Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué at the Camp Nou. / Goal TV

This week a rumor was triggered that seemed very surprising: Gerard Piqué would be missing Shakira. The origin of this was a testimony close to his environment: «Piqué is very emotionally affected. Apparently, he misses Shakirawho is very present in his thoughts », collected Telecinco.

Another thing that hurt her a lot was having to separate from her children, who are going to live in Miami with their mother on January 10. This version has been denied by the journalist Paloma Barrientos this morning in Ana Rosa’s program: «They continue exactly the same, on Monday, Piqué went to look for Clara at her parents’ house. The subject of Shakira and Piqué no longer gives any more of itself », she has said.

Pique / Gtres
Piqué, on the bench / Gtres

So things, the relationship between Piqué and Clara keep going. Gone is the strong controversy with which their romance was born. The criticism they have endured has been vast and powerful given their age difference and the fact that they are co-workers, but they seemed to have weathered it with ease. Clara Chía has not had it easy either, since she has had to deal with unpleasant episodes, such as the leak of a cartoon his that makes it clear that he does not quite fit in with his Kosmos colleagues.


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