Pique buys a car for € 100,000, but his socks steal the show

Gerard PiqueHis every move, on and off the field, is history, but his € 100,000 purchase of a Porsche was marred by the socks he wore to buy it.

V Barcelona The center-back took a picture with the car dealer from whom he bought the car, which was then uploaded to Instagram.

Pico with the owner of Driver Cars Barcelona and his new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Coup.

The car, the Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupe, is a hybrid with a powerful engine and powerful battery that can work together or separately. Electric power alone allows it to travel up to 48 kilometers without using gasoline.

PiqueThe new eco-friendly vehicle will also be approved for entry into Barcelona’s low-emission areas, as it bears the appropriate ‘CERO’ sticker. The base price of the car is over € 100,000, but this does not include any additional features that the Pique will include.

However, despite the photo of the shiny new car, the comments on the post mostly focused on the 34-year-old’s socks. Even a former teammate Mark Bartra joined in the ridicule.

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