Pique: Barcelona to play against Bayern Munich


ORn Wednesday night, Barcelona will strive not to miss the Champions League round of 16 for the first time in 15 years, and Gerard Pique determined to go all-in for a win that guarantees their progress.

Catalan defender does not expect Bayern Munich He knows Barcelona will have to work hard to be the first team to score German points in Europe this season.

“We know the Germans, they don’t care that they have already qualified or that there are no fans, they will compete as always,” Piquet said at his pre-match press conference.

“We play for our life, and we only need to win, so we will fight for it. We will see a great match.

“We have to focus on winning the game. With what’s at stake, we have to get out of the game. “

Bayern Munich have not lost any points in Group E, while Barcelona never won in Munich. Some have suggested that Blaugrana needed a miracle, but like his head coach, Piquet downplayed talk of miracles.

I think it’s possible. I would not talk about miracles… But it’s a tough game in a very tough stadium, ”said Piquet.

“In the end, we have to be ourselves. We didn’t score a lot and they scored a lot, but in order to win tomorrow, the first thing to do is to keep a clean sheet and give them a chance.

“We need to play a practical game, play in our own half and put pressure on them, be firm in defense. If we do not concede, one goal will be enough. “

Of course, keeping a clean card against a team that has scored over 60 goals in all competitions this season would not be easy. Robert Lewandowski one has scored more goals than Barcelona this season and Piquet knows they need to neutralize the threat he poses.

“We have to make sure he plays far from the court, and that depends on all of us on the pitch,” Piquet said.

“Robert is very, very good and his handling and playing in the box is what sets him apart. The less possession he has, the better.

“This way we have more chances not to award and win. The less [Lewandowski] participates in the game, the better. “

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