Pique and ITF ‘classify’ Spain for 2023 Davis Cup finals


Spain qualify directly for the group stage of the finals of the Davis Cup 2023 without having to go through the previous phase. Despite the fact that the national team was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Málaga Final 8 in view of Croatiathe ITF and Cosmos Tenniscompany chaired by Gerard pricks and promoter of the tournament in its new format, have decided to invite Spainwhich will also host the decisive phase next season, repeating Malaga as headquarters. The other wild card will go to Italy, semi-finalist of this edition.

The decision was taken on Saturday evening, during the meeting of the Davis Cup Committee, composed of two members of Cosmos and two others from International Tennis Federation (ITF). Spain and Italy took advantage of the encounter and were chosen as invitees, after last season both found themselves without said privilege.

Confirmation of the news arrives this Sunday, the date of the final of the 2022 edition that they are fighting Australia Yes Canada. These two countries, due to their consideration as finalists, are also guaranteed a place in the group stage and skip, as Spain and Italythe playoff in preview which is held on February 3, 4 and 5, just after the australian openon a date when it is difficult to have the biggest stars of each country.

Spain will host the decisive phase, which will be repeated in the Martin Carpena from Málaga thanks to the agreement with Cosmos and ITF and the good work of the Malaga public, as well as the organization. In addition, the Spaniards and Italians will also play the group stage at home, which they will repeat in the cities of 2022, in this case. Valence Yes bologna.

The choice of the Spanish team as wild card for 2023 is given largely by its position in the international ranking, since Spain is only second behind Croatia, another of the contestants who ultimately did not receive an invitation. In addition, Rafael Nadal Yes Carlos Alcaraz occupy the second and first position in the ranking ATPrespectively, which places the Marine unquestionably at the top of world tennis.


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