Piqué and Clara Chía: Prague, much love and 50,000 euros in poker


Pique Y Clara Chia They continue to do their thing and ignore the criticism they have received since their surprising romance came to light. A few days ago the couple of lovebirds undertook a trip to the captivating city of Prague. There they are letting themselves be enveloped by the charms of the Old City, the Jewish quarter or enjoying the local gastronomy. However, they have also taken time for the ex-Barça player to show his girlfriend how she spends it on board games.

The Catalan and his co-worker, who have become a couple, have landed in the Czech capital ready to make the most of their time. And one of his stops has been the European Poker Tourthe most prestigious competition in this area and whose price to access is around a whopping 30,000 euro.

And it is that Piqué has a great ability for this type of entertainment. He has come to pocket the not inconsiderable figure of 700,000 euros in timbas with illustrious players, as he says Week. One of his last victories was in 2019, when he played with his former teammate Arturo Vidal the EPT Barcelona poker tournament, finishing second and taking 352,950 euros to account. However, luck has been elusive on other occasions. For example, a year before he lost more than 20,000 euros in a date that he shared with Leo Messi, today the recipient of worldwide praise for his meritorious role in the World Cup in Qatar.

Clara Chía and Piqué / Instagram

It should be noted that Piqué and Clara are not alone on their journey. The brother of the Catalan, Marc, and his wife have also traveled from Barcelona. And it is that, despite the fact that they have been together for a few months, the young woman is already fully integrated into her partner’s family. Her relationship with her brothers-in-law is fluid.

The romance between them advances slowly but surely. With this trip they have cleared up rumors of a crisis. They spend a lot of time together and even Clara Chía stays to sleep several days a week in the apartment on Muntaner street where Piqué has established his residence since he separated from Shakira. It has not been the only recent plan since days ago they were seen having dinner at the Koya Izakaya restaurant in the center of Barcelona.

Gerard Piqué arriving at the Kosmos / Gtres event
Gerard Piqué arriving at a Kosmos / Gtres event

This is without a doubt the most different Christmas for Gerard Piqué. He has seen how various factors put an inverse order in his life from what he was used to. The most substantial change has been the well-known separation of him from Shakira, with whom he had to settle for several days until he reached an agreement for the custody of her children. The distance and coldness of him was staged the day they signed the agreement in a court in Barcelona. Another big step for the former Barcelona player was his retirement from football, which immersed him in a new professional scenario in which his business vocation acquired a dominant role. And, of course, the irruption of Clara Chia.


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