Pilar Rubio tells of her busy day in Paris


Pilar Rubio He stopped on the way to show his new book in Madrid: My way of living a healthy lifeA story about all the skills she followed to achieve an active lifestyle that keeps her active.Baptism from another Important day for her husband.

Regarding the process followed by her book and content, the host said, “This project has been going on for more than a year. I have done many interviews and met with professionals from various fields: sexology, mindfulness, psychology, aesthetics, and beauty. Nursing and female appearance, nutrition, training… I say this because it is a useful method for me. A few years ago, I changed my lifestyle and the way I took care of myself. I started to listen to my voice. This makes me a more stable and energetic person and achieve my best self. You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others».

Pilar Rubio and her new book / Gtres

A lot has been said about the diet and the following diet Pilar Rubio. She does not think that she is limiting herself: “This is not a strict question, but to know what to eat and when to eat. The most important thing is that the food is of high quality and rich in nutrition, which provides you with energy and ultimately improves the quality of life. ».

The habits Pilar developed during her life turned into healthier habits. This is what she passed on to her children: “Of course, my children have their own nutrition plan so they don’t lack any Food that can provide them with energy. Yes Your daily menu, Different and balanced. This is how they perform at their best. They are children and they need it most». The Madrid people recognized her persistence and revealed an interesting anecdote: “I feel very heavy about it, I’m in the lead, but I managed to eat happily. When I put broccoli for them, “Mom, little tree, how cool.” It can be eaten in a variety of ways, not only lettuce steak, but also recipes with many spices and other spices,” he added.

Another pillar of his life is physical exercise. Pilar Rubio said that she didn’t spend a lot of time on this: «I train for 1 hour a day, I think she has 24 hours, and it’s not bad to spend only one hour on training. Sometimes that time is 6 o’clock in the morning, noon or 11 o’clock in the evening. For me, this is a religion because it allows me to install batteries.

This active lifestyle is not easy to combine with his busy schedule, frequent trips to Spain and four children.He admits: “It’s not easy to take time out.” and Tell a day in your daily life: «Sometimes I get up in the morning, start training, prepare the children for school, and then send them off. I started to study French for two hours, and then I learned English for two hours. I followed the baby up and down, fed him and coaxed him to sleep. When this happens, I will take a taekwondo course or any other course. In the afternoon I start to do my homework, eat dinner, and then continue to study at eleven o’clock in the evening».

Pilar Rubio
Pilar Rubio, training/Instagram

Surprisingly, social media celebrities like her admitted that she didn’t spend much time: “If I tell you the truth, I will devote myself more to life than telling. I have such a saturated job, organization, and Changes, they make me less sober. If I find a place to post, I will do it, but my first task is to keep my family and work stable,” he argued.

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