Pilar Rubio sweeps with a look of heart attack in the great night of Sergio Ramos


To this day, no one doubts that pilar rubio has established itself as a whole influencers. Thanks to her television appearances and the content she generates on her social networks, the wife of Sergio Ramos has become a whole it girl both outside our borders. Something that has been fully demonstrated as a result of her move to Paris, which, far from harming her career, has encouraged her when it comes to favoring her posts on her Instagram. This is precisely what happened on the last occasion, when the collaborator of the anthill she has again made clear her support for her husband being his perfect companion in the Globe Soccer Awardsawards in which the former player of the real Madrid it came out graceful

It was last night when dubai dressed up to host some of today’s most valued footballers. This was the case of Sergio Ramos, who did not hesitate to travel to the United Arab Emirates with his wife to enjoy a dream night in which he was considered “the best defense in history.” An award that the Sevillian received with the greatest joy, taking the opportunity to later pose with the award and with Pilar Rubio to put the finishing touch on a dream day in which the collaborator was one of the great protagonists. And it is that, taking into account the caliber of the event, Pilar did not want to miss the opportunity to wear her best clotheswhich have not gone unnoticed by their almost 9 million followers.

Given the importance of the evening, Rubio relied on Zuhair Murad to put on an asymmetrical design with magenta and transparencies as main protagonists. The bodice of the design in question had jewel details in gold and magenta tones, as well as beads, gemstones and crystals everywhere, while the skirt is composed of a satin fabric and an impressive side slit that perfectly reveals the kilometric leg of the presenter in the purest style “greek goddess”.

Story of Pilar Rubio.

For put the finishing touch to your most daring choicePilar has opted for golden sandals with thin straps and a very high heel that have combined perfectly with the final look, to which the protagonist in question has wanted to give all the prominence by smoothing her hair and making a part in the middle that allowed us to visualize a most natural makeup.

Delighted with the result of the night, pilar rubio He has already filled his Instagram account with publications in which you can see, from all perspectives, its imposing outfits for one of the most important events in world football. And how could it be otherwise, all of them have received endless comments and “likes” that validate the good stylistic taste of Torrejón.


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