Pilar Rubio speaks out: money and sex


Pilar Rubio was one of the last guests to visit resistanceprogram by David BroncanoThe wife of footballer Sergio Ramos showed her usual sympathy and confidence in answering the host’s most controversial question without hesitation, and she answered it with complete naturalness and humour question. As usual, questions about things like your money in the bank or how many times you’ve had sex in the past 30 days.

The host was outspoken about her sense of humour and very clear on both counts, unlike what usually happens with other guests who are reluctant to answer or evade or answer indirectly. Regarding how often she has sex, Pilar Rubio answered clearly: “We do it every day,” she said in surprise to the host. Of course, he was quick to clarify that as long as they were together, of course. “Except for the days I was in Madrid. Today, because of you, I can’t”, Pilar Rubio clarified with a smile.

As expected, David Brancano was taken aback by the statement, who could hardly believe the host had sex with her husband so frequently, especially since the couple have four children, which makes It’s hard to make time for intimacy. “You’re actually the Avengers. It’s unbelievable. Congrats,” joked the host. However, the Madrid native did not hesitate to explain how they achieved this. “That doesn’t matter. My kids are in bed at 9:30 p.m.. We can talk about that. But you don’t have to explain too much or be happy,” he said.

Pilar Rubio poses for a photoshoot. /Gtres

about money, pillar blonde It’s also clear: “I have a little problem working in Spain and living in France, but I have 52,000 euros in the bank,” he assured. A statement that surprised Broncano, who went on to ask him, “on the other hand.” “I’m talking about the current account, this is the one I see”, Pilar Rubio has come out.

In addition to these issues, Pilar Rubio also talked about her baby and how the couple came to an agreement on the name. Although she wanted to name the first one differently, in the end she complied with Sergio’s wishes, but she admitted that the last one had no quorum, so they gave it two names.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio/Gtres
Sergio Ramos with Pilar Rubio. /Gtres

Pilar Rubio visited the space to showcase her latest project, Explore the Canary Islands. This is the new reality show from Rakuten TV, and the host will lead a new format where eight contestants from different parts of the world will compete to be the best explorer. Sergio Ramos’ wife combines her life in Paris with work developing mainly in Madrid, although she is very happy with this new phase.


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