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Photos of the UFE party at the school in West Palm Beach and announcements of the upcoming meetings-Le Courrier des Amériques

The Union of French Foreign Affairs (Florida) co-organized several “Bastille Days” last July, but we have not yet reached the heart of the matter: after a long period of downtime, regularly resume meetings due to a pandemic, as everyone knows. It is therefore a common pleasure that the first meeting at the school took place in the new restaurant The French Grill House on the beautiful Northwood Road in West Palm Beach. This is the latest creation from brothers Edouard and Olivier Delrieu (who already have the “Pétanque” bar located on the same street, fifty meters away.

The evening was attended by Florida President Xavier Capdevielle and Aline “Vice President” Martin O’Brien, who is also a consular adviser. Xavier recalled that although no meetings had taken place during the covid crisis, UFE-Florida had not been idle, especially in organizing food distribution to children in Miami schools, as closing schools in some neighborhoods made it impossible to access canteens for children in need.

Other announcements:


The UFE will meet on November 7 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Seminole Lake Park in Seminole to potluck with pétanque and games. Free, relax.


A cocktail dinner for school will be held in the first half of November 10 at Villa Azur in Miami Beach. You will find the information in time on the UFE Facebook



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