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Luis Miguel / Mexico Agency

Luis Miguel It has become a trend again on social networks after filtering a photograph in which he appears buying “en fachas” in a supermarket.

Despite the fact that the image posted on Twitter is from a few months ago, what caught the attention of netizens is see the “Sol de México” with a wrinkled shirt, shorts and flip-flops shopping in the kitchen area of ​​a department store.

Because Luis Miguel appears in the snapshot with a woman, among the comments and retweets there were those who took on the task of confirming that it is his. ex girlfriend mercedes villarand even point out that this moment was captured in July of this 2022.

Unpublished photos of @lmxlm in Miami come to light. I was shopping in the #Target kitchen department next to Mercedes Villador. They wear the same clothes from when they were paparazzied on the beach”, reads the message next to the photo.

“What do you do if you go to the supermarket and just like that, you find a certain #LuisMiguel choosing pots?” “I definitely want to go to that bazaar in Miami”, “Luis Miguel goes to the supermarket like me”, “Domingo de Costco”, the comments said.

Although the personal life of the interpreter of “Under the table” remains a mystery, A couple of months ago, one of his best friends, businessman Carlos Bremen, revealed that the singer told him that he was preparing an extensive tour.

Luis Miguel with Carlos Bremer / Courtesy

Luis Miguel with Carlos Bremer / Courtesy

“I spoke with him two weeks ago, he is in Spain and is preparing for a tour of 200 concerts… it comes with everything,” Bremer said last September.

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