Phil Foden was forced to leave the beach after a girl looked at his phone and took a picture


Manchester winger Phil Foden was forced to leave the beach on Saturday after his girlfriend checked his phone while he was swimming and then lashed out at him in front of several bystanders.

Foden, 22, and his girlfriend Rebecca Cook22 years old, started dating in their teens, they have two children.

Cook reportedly checked Foden’s phone while he was in the ocean and was caught on video arguing.

Do you think I’m an asshole?shouted Cook.

Phil Foden leaves the beach

The couple was escorted out Corfu two men come running to help Cook raise the wheelchair a few steps.

“We can’t take you anywhere, it always happens‘ Cook said.

Foden reportedly never yelled at Cook as they left the beach, but some witnesses claim they fought for about five minutes before being told to leave.

The couple arrived at the posh resort on Wednesday with Foden’s parents, who seem to be tired of the drama.

Phil Foden’s Cheating Story

Foden has previously featured on multiple occasions in reports that he cheated on his girlfriend, which may explain why she got so pissed off after checking his phone.

Witnesses claim that there was no alcohol, and Foden drank only a bottle of water.

Foden is expected to play for England in World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

I broke into Premier League With Manchester at 17 and made his England debut in 2020.


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