Pharrell Williams changes the lives of NAACP youth leaders by paying off their student debts


llegendary singer and record producer Pharrell Williams changed the lives of five NAACP youth leaders this Friday when he showed the world how something like debt can affect a person’s life, he paid off their student debt in full.

Pharrell Williams has always been involved in society.

He surprised the leaders when they attended a panel hosted by the organization and the topic of discussion was actually student debt. The conference was held at the St. Regis in Washington DC.

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Powerful gesture

Wisdom Cole NAACPNational Director of Youth and College Affairs and he hosted a panel where five students were tagged by the Get Lucky singer and Cole mentioned that the “powerful” gesture is a testament and example of what would happen if President Joe Biden I’d rather pay off student debt for the entire country.

It’s disproportionate for black youth

Cole also mentioned that “Farrell changed their lives forever. It was a powerful moment. Now imagine if President Biden made it a reality for all student debt holders in America. Student debt continues to be a disproportionate burden on the black community and limits the options for so many blacks. It’s time to close the racial wealth gap, it’s time for President Biden to deliver on his promise.”

Decision to be made soon

US President Bidenn talked about this option for quite some time, however, there was not much sense, he was determined to decide whether he would write off student debt, and sources close to Biden say that he will probably make a decision in July or August, he has time before August 31 that is, when the debt suspension ends.

Student debt has been suspended

During the Covid 19 pandemic, President Biden suspended student debt collection so people could focus on making a living from the stimulus checks his administration provided.


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