Peyton Manning backs nephew Arch’s decision to choose Texas college program


ORThursday last week, young quarterback Arch Manningnephew of famed former quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning, put an end to speculation about which college program he would pick in the 2023 draft.

planned decision

After careful analysis, the Manning heir found a prediction that the head coach Steve Sarkisian can make his career more interesting and therefore strives to Texas over other proposals that included Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Clemson, and Virginia.

In this sense, Arch’s decision was supported by his entire family, but mostly by his uncle Peyton, who was glad that the boy shook off the pressure by early choosing an institution with which he more identified, because on this he would build solid foundations. which will enable him to prepare for his real challenge, to achieve NFL.

“The relationships you make in high school just don’t go away. That’s why I’m happy for him that he made this decision. I spoke to him last week after his last visit because he asked me about when I made my decision. I just remember when I got back from my last visit I actually announced where I was going two days later because I knew. When you know that, there’s no point in dragging it out and creating some drama,” Peyton told reporters at Manning Pass Academy.

The goal is to surpass

It should be noted that prior to his entry into the NFL, where he shone for most of his 18 Hall of Famer seasons, the former quarterback spent time in Tennessee, where he also became one of the best players in the program. history, leading the Vols to 1997 SEC Championship and runner-up in the Heisman Trophy.

in that light Arch ManningAdding Texas to the program could push it into a leadership role for an institution that, by joining the SEC championship, aims to be a player in 2025.


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