Peugeot entered into clothing design, the results were very unexpected


Sober and elegant, informal but perfect for meetings, work, or drinking with friendsThis is the new Peugeot fashion series, multifaceted, looks good at all times, with the image and similarities of its famous vehicles.A very diverse sample of clothing prepared for him and her. In addition, this is a perfect ally for the upcoming Liqiu, because it considers From short-sleeved polo shirts that still remind us of summer to vests or trench coats More typical is the typical cooling in September and October, wearing T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc.

Entering the theme, for her, the new Peugeot series has 100% cotton short-sleeved Polo shirts in white, black, sapphire gray or light pink, with the new company logo in the same color; 100% cotton short-sleeved T-shirts, White, Kyanita blue, light pink or black round neckline with logo embroidered on the sleeves; a neutral white shirt made of 100% organic cotton; sapphire gray, teal or light pink 100% cashmere wool sweater with a logo on the front A logo of hip height, or a lime gray sweatshirt with the same style as the sweater but with the Peugeot logo on the back.


In addition, to welcome the first wind and cold in autumn, the series also has a lime or black windbreaker. The outer layer is made of 100% polyester and printed with PU film to ensure breathability and water resistance. There are zipper pockets on the chest and smart pockets. Store the windbreaker separately, the central opening has a waterproof zipper + customized 3D slider, an adjustable waist with elastic loops and plastic plugs, a waterproof side pocket with zipper, and adjustable cuffs with invisible snaps and sealed seams for more beautiful appearance.


Of course, Peugeot offers the possibility of obtaining a quilted vest in black, sapphire gray or leaf green with a fully waterproof look, with hidden zipper pockets and ideal tailoring, which can be used as a coat or as a jacket or lining for a jacket ..

Padded vest/Peugeot

Peugeot Men

For him, this series is also complete: black, sapphire gray and camel green 100% cotton short-sleeved Polo shirt; turquoise blue 100% cotton square-neck short-sleeved T-shirt, White, black or camel green, the logo is embroidered on the sleeve or chest-depending on the color -; black or stone gray windbreaker, with the same characteristics as her; 100% cotton sweatshirt, stone gray round neck, original silk on the back Screen printing logo, or cashmere wool pullover, dark blue, light pink or navy blue square collar.Of course, in order to round this Casual but neat appearanceAlways recommend a classic pure white cotton shirt from organic farming, and adopt the standard tailoring in the Peugeot series. A high-quality and essential item with a brand logo embroidered on the heart.



  • Polo shirt: EUR 29
  • T-shirt: EUR 19
  • Vest: 69 Euro
  • Windbreaker: 89 euros
  • Shirt: 49 euros
  • Jersey: 89 euros
  • Sweatshirt: 59 Euro

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