Peruvian Congressman dies during Pedro Castillo inauguration debate


The inaugural meeting of the new government of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was suddenly suspended due to the death of the left-wing Peruvian Liberal Party member Fernando Herrera.

After Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez introduced the general policy of the executive branch in the morning, the 55-year-old MP passed away after two hours of debate in a half-wheeler.

Soon after learning of the death of the legislator in the southern region of Tacna, Congress retained A minute of silence The President of the Legislative Council, María del Carmen Alva, ordered the suspension of the plenary meeting until Tuesday as a sign of condolences.

Waldemar Cerrón, the spokesperson of the Peruvian Free Parliament Organization, is already outside the parliament, Says Herrera died of cardiopulmonary arrest.

“We are sorry, and we thank all the MPs who have unanimously expressed their condolences for their solidarity,” Seren, the brother of the party leader Vladimir Seren, told reporters.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (Pedro Castillo) paid an official visit to the Bagua province in the northern Amazon. He expressed his grief over the death of Herrera, one of the 13 members of the Peruvian Liberal Party. They formed the faction closest to the president because they were all from the provost.

After the master dies, he will never die. When a social fighter dies, he will never die. Some people have given their lives for governance and democracy, and if anyone has given their lives for this, we are willing to do the same,” Castillo said.

“I joined the pain of his family. We will remember that he is a defender of democracy and he fought to end social differences,” he later added in a message posted on social networks.

Peruvian Liberal Party Congress Member Álex Paredes explained to the local media that Herrera He did not participate in the half round, but they believed he would appear in the final voteUntil they were told that he was in Guillermo Almenara Hospital in Lima.

According to Paredes, the late congressman had already defeated Covid-19 last month when he was under medical observation in an isolation center set up by the Peruvian Ministry of Public Health.

On Tuesday, the debate should resume, and its future ministerial meeting led by Vázquez will play a role. Castillo, after leaving the most radical ministers of the Peruvian Liberal Party, turned his government to moderate.


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