Peru’s attorney general denounces Castillo for rebellion and conspiracy


Lima, (EFE).- The Attorney General of Peru, Patricia Benavides, presented Monday to Congress a constitutional complaint against former President Pedro Castillo and three of his ministers, for the alleged commission of crimes such as rebellion, conspiracy and others .

The document, to which EFE had access, indicates Castillo as “alleged co-author of the crime against the Powers of the State and the Constitutional Order-Rebellion” and, “in the alternative, for the crime against the Powers of the State and the Constitutional Order Order-Conspiracy”.

In addition, it accuses the ex-president, currently detained, of being the alleged perpetrator of the crime against public administration, in the form of abuse of authority, and crimes against public peace and public peace, in the form of a serious breach of public order. public peace.

The complaint details that Castillo’s announcement to dissolve Congress last Wednesday was “an arbitrary act” that violates the provisions of Section 118 of the Constitution.

Also, that his intention to reorganize the national justice system, the judicial and public ministry, the National Council of Justice and the Constitutional Court, threatens the autonomy of the aforementioned entities.

“It should be noted that this conduct would be intended to avoid the corruption investigations carried out against José Pedro Castillo Terrones, as well as the presidential vacancy procedure, which would show the misuse of his constitutional powers to obtain impunity” , indicates the document. States.

In addition, the prosecutor denounced the former President of the Council of Ministers Betsy Chávez, the former Minister of the Interior Willy Huerta and the former Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Roberto Sánchez as alleged co-perpetrators of the crimes against the powers of the state. and the Constitutional Order in the modality of rebellion and conspiracy.

The document in Congress

The document was presented to Congress after the Legislative Assembly in the early hours of Monday approved a resolution that authorizes the ex-president to lift a special jurisdiction that will prevent him from having to go through a political trial – a process in which the immunity of civil servants-, which paves the way for the Public Prosecutor’s Office to extend the preventive detention for rebellion.

The resolution proposed lifting Castillo’s prerogative of political impeachment and giving rise to a criminal case, given that the ousted ex-president is in pretrial detention for flagrante delicto for seven days, which expires next Wednesday.

In a very harsh extraordinary plenary session, in which even a parliamentarian defending Castillo attacked a critic of the former president, the legislator put in debate the official letter of the public ministry in which he reported on the preliminary proceedings against Castillo, Chávez and Huerta.

Castillo remains in custody after being removed from office last Wednesday by Congress, after ordering the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly and announcing that he would form an emergency executive, rule by decree, convene a constituent assembly and proceed with a reorganization of the judicial system.


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