Pepsi makes a new cola for Japan’s Christmas fried chicken


Toast with special ingredients to enhance a traditional Japanese Christmas meal.

In June, Pepsi surprised its customers with a new, Japan-exclusive Coke called “Pepsi Karaage Senyo Cola“(“Pepsi Cola Exclusive to Karaage“). As the name suggests, this limited-time drink was specifically designed to complement the flavor of karaage, or Japanese-style fried chicken, and now there’s a new version hitting shelves just in time for Christmas.

The new edition is called “Pepsi Fried Chicken Senyo Cola“(“Pepsi Cola only for fried chicken“), and this time it’s not meant to be eaten with bite-sized Japanese-style fried chicken, but the larger chunks of fried chicken eaten in Japan at Christmas.

For the uninitiated, Christmas is celebrated a little differently in Japan, with the celebratory meal was fried chicken instead of turkey or hamas a result of a clever marketing move by fast food chain KFC that took place years ago.

Now Pepsi is jumping into a niche in the market, aiming to provide people with the best drink for their holiday meal, and they’ve even created a new ad to help cement it as the toast of the season.

The comedy duo Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers, commonly known as “Koroczki”, with a member Nadar on camera, expressing surprise at how well Pepsi goes with fried chicken. It is directed by Korochiki’s other half, Soto Nishino, who asks Nadaru to enhance the sense of palatability in the second take, do it with more Nadaru’s talent in the third take, make the chicken more visible in the fourth take, then asks him in the final take to he did it like Santa Claus, but ultimately no one gets his performance.

▼ So… is it cultural appropriation?

Like the previous edition, the new Pepsi includes dietary fiber to help cut through fat fried chicken, and the smell and sweetness of the cola have been reduced to enhance the taste of the meat. This time, however, lemon was added to further reduce the oiliness and add refreshment. It also has a new label with water droplets symbolizing coke fizz and a chicken bucket that cleverly references the buckets sold at KFC, but doesn’t do it overtly so everyone knows it’s a drink worth drinking with your Japanese Christmas dinner.

The limited-edition drink will be available in winter only and will hit stores nationwide starting December 6 in 600-milliliter (20-ounce) bottles priced at 160 yen ($1.18) each.

Source: PR times
Picture shown: YouTube/サントリー公式チャンネル (SUNTORY)
Insert images: YouTube/サントリー公式チャンネル (SUNTORY), PR Times

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