Pepe Navarro’s TV Shipwreck After ‘Crossing the Mississippi’


If we go back to the TV scene of the 90s, arguably one of the most famous faces was Pepe Navarro. The host has managed to become a media legend and the perfect emcee We cross the Mississippi tonightBut the truth is that with fame comes fame, which is why later on, professionally, very little is known about the man in Palma del Rio. But what is the reason for this unexpected media disappearance?

Pepe Navarro scene / Gtres

before entering the format Telecommunications companyit should be noted that the reporter has been able to showcase his versatility in front of the camera in other shows, such as this afternoon anyone Newscast 1 Spanish TV, thus starting his career in the media, is nothing more than a public channel. It wasn’t long before he had the opportunity to appear on television in Latin America, working in Los Angeles for a few years, although he eventually returned to Spain, specifically to the South Canal, and then to Spanish television.until 1993 Pepe Leap to Antena 3 with great success like live, live… so good, everything went smoothly, great game of goose anyone we are all crazy. In fact, the latter achieved a screen-to-body ratio of 32%, but it seemed that it was not enough for the chain, and it was eventually cancelled on the grounds of “lack of profitability”.

Pepe Navarro in
Pepe Navarro in “Saturday Luxury” / Telecinco

To be precise, it is great game of goose where navarro met Yvonne Reyes Didn’t expect his romance with her to give him occasional headaches for the next few years. Venezuelans accuse him of making her pregnant, Alexander Reyesa young man who Pepe did not acknowledge as a family member, sparked an unfinished war, caused the host’s career to plummet, and became one of the great protagonists of the era’s social panorama and controversy surrounding it.

Pepe Navarro in file images/Gtres
Pepe Navarro in File Image/Gtres

However, Telecinco trusted him and granted him We cross the Mississippi tonight. Within days, this TV space became the most important space in its history because it was the late show Full of humour and unusual guests, though he eventually wants to put the finishing touches on his career with a return to Antena 3 pelican smilegreat competitor Chronicles of Mars Via Javier Sada.After that, the leader on the chain chose Cancel the show because “content violates the principles on which the chain must be based in order to promote moral and human values”. A few words did not convince the reporter, he chose to take the case to court, and Atresmedia awarded him two entertainment programs in order not to be prosecuted: Road to Navarro and sitcoms Potatowas eventually cancelled.

And just like that, Pepe tries her luck again on other chains when she’s picked to take over Mercedes-Benz Mira exist big brotherand later returned to Spanish TV Rufus and Navarro pull the plugThe last one, UGT denounced him as “sensational,” so, tired of so many wars, the communicator chose to end his life devoted to the media.


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