People who can collect 500 euros indefinitely by only fulfilling this requirement


There are people who will be able to collect 500 euros indefinitely only with one requirement that will ensure a good salary at the end of the month. The permanent unemployment benefit is a protective measure that helps the long-term unemployed. A vulnerable group in view of their age or their training which receives remuneration at the end of the month which helps them to survive. They only cost 500 euros, but they can be charged indefinitely, there is no limit to their exhaustion. You can collect this money if you meet these conditions.

These are the people who can collect 500 euros indefinitely

The conditions for receiving this grant for open-ended unemployment they begin with age, you must have a minimum age to be able to receive it. In this case, it is from the age of 52, the age at which people are more vulnerable to not being hired given the proximity of the retirement age or the fact of being in a range where they begin to have more employment problems.

Be registered as unemployed as a job seeker and have not rejected any offers in the past month. This is another of the requirements to be able to get this payment that can cheer up more than one person. Money that will arrive in time if the user also: “has no own income of any kind, the monthly calculation of which is greater than 75% of the interprofessional minimum wage, excluding the proportional share of two payments extraordinary”.

In addition, You must have a minimum of 15 years of contributions including 2 in the past 15 years. You must have contributed to the Spanish social security system for at least 6 years. The duration of this subsidy is indefinite, but each year the income of this person will be analyzed.

There must be a minimum income that from January 2023 it will increase to 480 euros per month. Money that will credit that benefit that can help many families face a constant struggle to gain a foothold in today’s job market. It’s not easy to find a steady job right now.

If you are over 52 and meet this condition, do not hesitate, the SEPE can bring you happiness thanks to a benefit that could last indefinitely on your current account.


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