Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem slam the media


Penelope Cruz Currently immersed in the whole process of the promotion of her new film, on the edge. A job that shares the limelight with him. Luis Tosar is directed by Juan Diego Botto, who will make his debut in the field.In fact, the three of them went to the set earlier this week Anthill Talk about the film, which analyzes the drama of several families destined to be evicted. Complicated situations have become a reality for many families today.

Penélope Cruz with Luis Tosar and Juan Diego Botto on the set of “El Hormiguero”. / Getreth

Soon after, only Luis Tosar went to the set resistance Talk to Space host David Brancano about the film. Intervention in tense moments related to Penelope Cruz. “We should have invited Penelope, but she didn’t want to be here. It’s logical, who wants to be here?” Browncano told the cast.

Tosal chose to play down the matter, preferring to follow Brancano’s game. For this reason, he did not hesitate to give him some clues so that he could try to convince the artist: “You might as well get it with chocolate palms or roasted innards”, the translator commented humorously. A few words from the host, and if necessary, they will make a two-meter-long chocolate sculpture.

Actor Javier Bardem performs in Madrid. / Getreth

Shortly after some of her statements caused some controversy, the actress was absent in the form of Broncano.said in an interview Penelope Cruz granted Ser chain, The artist spoke about her parents’ struggles to make ends meet and meet the family’s needs as she talks about her role in the latest film. A situation that made him think a progressive tax system was necessary: ​​”It’s very logical, isn’t it? Who has the most, who pays the most. I believe logic must be used in this sense”, the artist commented on an update on the subject of taxation defended.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem at Oscars/Gtres
Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem pose at the Oscars. / Getreth

For his part, in view of his wife’s statement, Javier BardemAppearing again at an event in Madrid on Thursday, he declined to comment on the issue. While the translator has graciously answered reporters’ questions about the work he’s showing in the capital, the actor has said goodbye and opted to cut off the conversation when they asked him about his wife’s remarks that caused so much uproar. , never loses his smile.


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