Pedro Sánchez highlights Russia’s commitment not to use nuclear weapons: “Their use would be inadmissible”

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has taken stock of the G20 summit highlighting the Russia’s commitment not to use nuclear weapons in full escalation of the war in Ukraine and after the fall of two missiles on Polish soil.

Sábchez has blamed Vladimir Putin for lack of will to end the conflict in Ukraine and has pointed to him as “the great cause” of the food and energy crisis in the world.

All G20 countries, including Russia, have rejected “the use or threat to use nuclear weapons” in a declaration adopted at the summit held on the island of Bali.

The joint declaration signed by the group of countries, which includes Russia, stresses the need to “uphold international law” and “to safeguard peace and stability”, including humanitarian principles and the protection of civilians and infrastructure in armed conflicts.

“The use or threat to use nuclear weapons is inadmissible. Peaceful conflict resolution is vital and make efforts to face crises, together with diplomacy and dialogue”, adds the text that the twenty main world powers have managed to close after arduous negotiations due mainly to Moscow’s reluctance.

Sánchez has affirmed that the G20 summit has been marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as its consequences for Ukraine and “the whole world”. “We want peace and we advocate for peace. We want the war to end and the borders of a democratic country with values ​​similar to those of the European Union to be respected,” he stated at a press conference after the end of the G20 summit.

It should be noted thatNo G20 ministerial meeting since Russia invaded Ukraine last February has produced an agreed document due to differences between members when it comes to including allusions to the conflict and in what terms to do so.

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