Pedro Ruiz pronounces on his sharp criticism of Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I respect what everyone does”


Anthony Carmona has offered a recital in Madrid that many well-known faces on the national scene did not want to miss, including Pedro Ruiz. The journalist has not hesitated to kindly attend to the media, who have asked him about the recent controversy that has been generated around a comment he made about Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Pedro Ruiz in a file image in Madrid. /Gtres

Discreet above all, Pedro Ruiz has commented that he is feeling well and that he is facing the end of the year with a lot of work: “I am very well, preparing things”, said the journalist, who has assured that this coming year, “there will be many stuff”.

A few days ago, Pedro Ruiz used his profile on a well-known social network to offer his opinion on the latest work by Jorge Javier Vázquez, before oblivion. «Yesterday a kind lady from Planeta called me to announce the shipment of the book of Jorge Javier Vazquez. I thanked him. My free opinions are not based on prejudices, but on the facts of each day. I will read it. Just like I went to the theater to see him. paying. The thing on TV is another world…Pestilent”, the journalist began by writing.

Barely a day later, Pedro Ruiz pronounced himself on the text: «The book of Jorge Javier Vazquez. I read it. And leaving aside the literary quality, which I do not enter, I think that rebellious insecurity moves these things. It is therapy and autopsy. A scream that says: Love meeee! Lawful. Gaunt, “sentenced the journalist.

«I think that when you run away from yourself at full speed you crash into a thousand exterior walls. Healing popularity blows at any price has dangers. It’s your choice. May you have peace. I always remember his mother. Of all of them », he emphasized in his profile on his Twitter. A thread that has generated a multitude of comments of all kinds.

Peter Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz in a file image. /Gtres

Given the commotion caused by the thread on the social network about his opinion on the text of Jorge Javier Vazquez, Pedro Ruiz has been blunt: “Those are things that I have not said, others headline,” he stressed. “I know very well how this world works”, commented the journalist, who wanted to make it clear that he respects everyone’s work: “I respect what everyone does, that they respect mine”, he said before leaving. At the moment, the presenter has not ruled on this issue


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