Pedro Piqueras VS ‘Sálvame’: this will be the changes in Telecinco


Mixing entertainment with current news has never been a good option. That is why, after the innumerable criticisms that it has received the transition from Save me to the information of Telecincothe Fuencarral chain has decided to reformulate its way of saying goodbye to the tabloid audience and make way for Pedro Piqueras, especially after the communicator made his complaints public.

“We stayed with News telecinco”, is what can be heard now to make way for the journalist. Gone are the goodbyes of Terelu Campos or Adela González that were so criticized. But that has not been the only modification because, from now on, the presenters will be connected for a few seconds with the communicatorin an attempt to make it more bearable and create a connection between the two formats of the production company, as in the past.

Jorge Javier Vázquez smiling / Telecinco

And it is that, it seems that the complaints of Pedro Piqueras have had an effect. Less than a month ago, the journalist visited the program goodness good of the SER to deal with some issues of his professional career, being the mythical transitions of Save me the protagonists par excellence. “I what I do with Save me is that I try not to listen to what they are doingbecause curious things happen and when you have to go out counting that there are 500 deaths from Covid, it is difficult ”, he confessed.

Pedro Piqueras in Buenismo Bien / SER
Pedro Piqueras in Buenismo Bien / SER

Despite everything, the two spaces have “a coexistence” that Piqueras tries to carry out in the best way: “What I do is not listen so as not to be influenced, because I could leave laughing and I am easy to laugh…”. However, she wanted to make it clear that he personally did not mind the transitions, but that she considers that They are not entirely appropriate. A question that he already discussed with Paolo Vasile and that they have now decided to modify: “Yes, there are times when things are said that are not the most appropriate to make way for a newscast, but I I look the other way and address the public”.

Cast of 'Save me' / Gtres
Cast of ‘Save me’ / Gtres

Telecinco afternoon revolution

This has not been the only change that Save me has assumed. Just a few days ago, the chain announced that, on December 19, it will premiere Chain reaction Y 25 wordstwo new spaces that will shorten the duration of the program by Jorge Javier Vázquez, which will be broadcast from 4 to 7 p.m.

Cast of 'Save me' / Gtres
Cast of ‘Save me’ / Gtres

save me lemon will begin at 4:00 p.m., after the broadcast of News telecincoto give way at 5:00 p.m. to save me orange, which will have one hour less broadcast. However, the space that disappears again will be save me watermelon, Well, Jorge Javier will say goodbye to the spectators two hours before to make way for Christian Gálvez and, later, Ion Aramendi. A necessary strategy created with the aim of regaining the loyalty of your audience. A) Yes, 25 words will try to shade The hunter, while Chain reaction will have the challenge of surpassing in audience data Pass word.


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