Pedro Piclas and Queen Letizia’s Secret Revealed


Queen Letizia There is also a past. Before marrying the then Prince of Asturias and becoming a member of the Spanish royal family, the monarch lived a very normal life, studying what she loved most and practicing it: journalism. This career brought him a lot of joy, and it has kept him in friendships to this day, such as his friendship with his partner Sonsoles Ónega on CNN+.

What no one has known so far is that she is also associated with a famous correspondent Peter Picklas. The hosts of Telecinco News joined Manuel Burque, Henar Álvarez and Quique Peinado on Cadena SER, good good, Talking about his career and revealing the secrets he has kept until now and its relationship with the current Queen of Spain.

Letizia as reporter / Gtres

And, in addition to being one of the most recognizable faces on the small screen, Pickles has enriched his resume as a teacher in communication-related courses, colleagues and students alike Letizia. “When she started I taught him once in journalism class. I remember her as a girl who was always ready to go out first. She was very willing, very beautiful, very smart. Letizia, at that moment, I have the best impression. Now I don’t have it anymore, it’s the queen and I try not to talk about it,” he admitted to the surprise of those present.

Well, while Philip VI’s wife is in the news right now, the truth is that one day she herself was behind the camera. How life changes.If she didn’t take the throne, Piclas thinks the mother of Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia would make a great journalist: “When she was on TVE, the truth was She is an excellent professional. If she continues to be a reporter…she is irreplaceable. This is a fact. Reina is easier for her because she is alone and there is no competition. “It is because of the family’s legacy of communication that Letizia has inherited her former profession in her genes.

However, this is not Picasso and monarch They coincided with the student stage aside, a few years later, the famous Telecinco host met the Queen in a restaurant, and it was the perfect opportunity to approach her and congratulate her on the work she was doing on CNN+ at the time: “I’ll see you one day Passed her at a restaurant. I was alone waiting for friends. The first one has arrived so you can see how it is. She was not the last girl to arrive, she was the first to arrive. He gave me time tell him: “Hey Letizia, you’re having a great time”“.

Letizia as reporter / Gtres
Letizia as reporter / Gtres

Since then, they have rarely coincided again, with 2017 being the most recent.Queen Letizia then received the Fundación Línea Directa and the jury of the Road Safety Journalism Award at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, where she had the opportunity Reconnect with former colleagues like Matías Prats or Pedro Piqueras. The moment is forever recorded thanks to the host taking selfies without hesitation.


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