Pedro Castillo saves political trial: Peruvian Congress refuses to oust president


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This President of Peru, peter castlepassed a vacancy motion (impeachment) in Congress on Tuesday, just Eight months after taking office. Castillo risks “moral incompetence” but will maintain that position with 55 votes in favour, 54 against and 19 abstentions. Two-thirds of the camera movement needs to be recognized.

The vote came after more than ten hours of plenary meeting, beginning with Castillo’s statement in which he assured that the opposition’s motion had nothing “worthy” of the facts.The president said he went to Congress “to show the utmost respect for the constitutional state,” but his struggle “is not an attachment to power, which is temporary,” but “Serve the Country”.

The motion includes 20 charges, including allegations of alleged corruption, appointing controversial figures in ministries and senior public positions, as well as a perceived lack of ability to exercise national leadership.

Peruvian Congress refuses to impeach President Pedro Castillo


During the debate, the bill’s sponsors, including members of Congress Jorge Montoyathe far-right Popular Reform Party, is expected to be unlikely to reach the 87 votes needed to overthrow Castillo.

After confirming the vote on the decision, Montoya said they “will continue to work as usual and look to the future” and that the government “must act” as the motion has been a wake-up call for the government. manager.

For his part, the spokesman for the ruling party’s Peruvian Liberal caucus, Valdemarcelonannouncing that the voice of Congress “has said no to vacancies today, because democracy must be defended.” “Our nation’s ability to govern is assured,” he said.

With Congress making a decision on Monday, Castillo overcame a second impeachment motion against him by political opponents, the first of which was never debated.


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