Pedri’s transformation: Barcelona midfielder gained weight


pedry returned to Barcelonatraining facility this week as the players returned for the start of pre-season. However, the usual medical examinations began first.

pedry caught the attention of many, and the young midfielder’s current fitness level has attracted a lot of attention on social media, with netizens comparing the new Pedri to how he looked when he first appeared on the scene.

The tweet from Mr. Seitan made a splash, with thousands of people responding to the post and sharing their appreciation for it. pedry.

Pedri’s physical work to create a new and improved version of himself.

In an extensive report published by MARCA, pedryPhysical training has been detailed.

The Canarian resident made the most of his injury break to hit the gym and build muscle while working closely with experts in the field.

In a three-month absence, the linebacker’s goal was to increase his weight, but he aimed to do so without losing any of the speed or agility he had before.

pedry worked closely with his physical education coach, as did Fernando Torres‘, as well as with the coaching staff of the club. He also installed a gym in his home.

From February 2022 pedry you have gained four kilograms and increased the mass of his upper body, arms and shoulders.


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