Pécresse, the failure of a French candidate who wanted to canvass the far-right


There is no doubt that reviving the moribund right in the entire legislature that is coming to an end is an impossible task. Without a leader or new ideas and being caught in the middle by the president, Emmanuel Macronwhich recruited the best and unabashedly embraced right-wing security and immigration policies and the far right, reflected in Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemourwho always speaks loudly.

Perhaps it’s a mirage, the sympathetic effect of seeing a woman win a primary against a group of male candidates. Valérie Pécresse, who put up a huge poster of the movie a task that can not be done In a conference room at his campaign headquarters, he eliminated former EU commissioner Michel Barnier and the No. 1 darling of the president of the northern region, Xavier Bertrandand won in the final round Eric Jorti“The far-right right-wing politician is not the far-right”.

The fact is that in early December, after the Republican primary, Pecrese rose to 18% in the first round of the presidential election polls, and over the next ten weeks he looks set to become Macron’s No. 1 leader. Rivals in the second round. Great competitors, precisely because She’s the only one who can beat himaccording to demographics.

Pécresse embodies mix who led to the presidency Nicolas Sarkozy In 2007, liberals on economic matters, pro-European ma non troppo and conservatives on security and immigration matters. In fact, he made her a minister, first as a higher education minister, then as a budget minister and executive spokesman.

Elite resume

Although she wanted to be a psychiatrist and an actress, Pécresse’s courses were typical of France’s half-century elite: HEC, National School of Administration, Council of State.president wins politics Jacques Chirac, that day he imposed the Legion of Honor on his grandfather. The first destination, the Elysee, took the interest of heads of state on the Internet with an almost impossible task. He does this by showing him the sumo website, and Chirac is an avid fan of Japanese wrestling.

after dismantling Francois Fillon, the party’s right-leaning candidate in the first round of the 2017 presidential election, Pécresse abandoned it to form Libres!. He was back in camp, just in time for the primaries. After being re-elected president of Ile de France, she returns with a winning band, the Paris region she conquered in 2015. In 2021, she expanded her dominance over the left.

With ambition. Thanks for being the best organized. methodical.and with Help for the most experienced hands on the device, tanned in a thousand events. Everyone saw his combativeness in the debate, which left his opponents in a bind. But even those who liked her knew her weakness was rallies.

For this reason, his Paris debut was aided by actors and magistrates. Both are politically committed to the right. Benoît Sòles, winner of two Molière Awards, taught him how to keep his audience in his pocket while reading the words in his lines.Punisher Francis SpinerThe mayor of Paris’ 16th arrondissement, a former Chirac lawyer, had to help her embody her character as a candidate for head of state. He rehearsed in the theater, in the 7,000-seat lobby of Zenith, the event venue, on the eve of the big day.

tied for second place

Arrived on Sunday 13th February. Pécresse, Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour, tied for second place in the polls (fifteen%). The room was overflowing. All the barons, in the front row. Inside, music. applause. The music stops. it’s not like that. awkward silence. Then another voice, apparently unplanned.

But the worst was not the circumstances, but the words he said. How could the subtitle of the right-wing beacon Le Figaro say: “Uncomfortable at her first big Paris rally, LR candidate delivers very right-wing speech”. While he cites Sarkozy, Chirac and Simone Weir, Pecrese broke a taboo, Use extreme right expressions.

Even to refute it, no one in the system mentions the “great replacement,” the xenophobic theory defended by Zemmour that argues that there is World plan to replace local workers, purebred French, aka white, immigrated from Africa and Muslims. “It’s not fatal,” Pécresse says, but it’s still a wink in the environment. It is reinforced by the use of the expression “the French of the document” that no one has spoken since Jean Marie Le Pen.

In an atypical movement that started slowly due to the coronavirus and was swallowed up by the Ukrainian war, you can’t have such a failure.Of course, in the Pécresse program There are some interesting proposalsBut they are not talked about. Relegated to the unattractive female clone of Macron, there was soon talk of criticism from Rachida Dati or the defection of Eric Walter, a key right-wing lieutenant who demanded Macron’s vote.

Pécresse had to suspend several operations after testing positive for the coronavirus.but he recovered Just in time for another rally in Paris. That was last Sunday, in front of 5,000 people. No prompt “I call on citizens to become free citizens on April 10th. I call on you against pre-written scripts. Against false appearances. Against this shrinking, deteriorating democracy in which matter is sacrificed by form .

This time it sounds real.desperation for a seen candidate overtaken by Le Pen (21/22%, according to the five most recent polls), it seems that she will be Macron’s rival again (27/28.5%)…and left-wing Jean-Luc Mélenchon (14) /15.5%). Pécresse battles Zemmour for fourth place (both around 10%).

If Fillon finished third in 2017 Dissolution with 20% of the voteImagine the crisis that will bring, and come fourth or fifth with half the votes. So it’s no surprise that at the Paris rally on Sunday there was a whistle when a speaker mentioned Sarkozy’s name…he didn’t even condescend to ask for a vote for Pecques.

By the way, in this case, who advises the president of the Madrid community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that it is now on the 8-M to visit Pécresse, sign something insignificant and take a photo good time?

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