Paz Padilla: The overwhelming success of the million-euro girl


Peace Padilla Successfully demonstrated that there is life beyond television.when she lost Telecommunications company. The vehicle that takes him to victory starts with my life humor. This is how she baptized her book and subsequent play of the same name. The data collected from both projects shows favorable reviews from the public, but what is particularly instructive is the data that has already reaped its capabilities.

Paz Padilla and Antonio Vidal at their wedding / Gtres

Let’s start from scratch. The Cadiz lady launched her book on the market on April 7, 2021. Her goal is to share with the public the grieving process she went through as she bid farewell to her husband, who passed away in the summer of 2020, and she was with him until his death. die. last breath of lifeThrough his publication, Paz wanted to pay tribute to the man who marked his life forever.

through its page account A story of their love and farewell :»A journey between love and death, where you learn to live well and die well. A path full of discoveries, mistakes, sadness and humor,” she said. Thanks to her testimony, readers learned to navigate the path of grief with greater acceptance and ease the pain of losing a loved one. Paddy Ra is clear: “We are a society that lives to the death in sheer fear. We avoided talking about her. “

Peace Padilla
Paz Padilla, showing her book / Gtres

looks Want to get closer to those who are closer to the host’s process of turning her book into a whole beat. Sources close to the publisher, and those in charge of advocacy in the first place, say, “This is a bestseller”, special pull «in the first week».Also, the reader reviews of the different sales portals couldn’t be better, the ratings my life humor of extraordinary height.

‘Humor in my life’ leaps into theaters

Paz is no stranger to this success and wants to make it continuous in a very ambitious way. This is how his work goes from page to board. She will be a major challenge for the protagonist. The technical team headed by Pablo Barrera met and together shaped a successful game that is now one of the favourite leisure options of the people of Madrid.

Paz Padilla, promoting her drama / Gtres

Gran Vía’s Capitol Theatre has been hosting its second season since September 16 last year humor in my life. It leaves a sweet aftertaste on the palate of the well-documented first harvest. Over 45,000 viewers enjoyed the feature.what does it mean Collection of over 1 million eurosObviously, not all the money went entirely into Paz Padilla’s pocket. But based on the fact that she’s the main actress, this really isn’t a production with a huge cast.It’s not a trivial figure by any means, and it shows that Andalusians have managed to carve out a niche with “love, learning, pain and laughter” leave the small screen.

The person closest to Paz Padilla confirmed the overwhelming success, and while the actress didn’t want to comment on the number, a source with knowledge of her did: «The first three days of the second season have been It’s almost three days full”. Not only that, but the expectations couldn’t have been better: «Presale reports indicate that it is likely to be completed sold out A few days to November 13th.


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