Paz Padilla returns to Telecinco for Christmas: the most anticipated image


Almost a year had to pass for Paz Padilla to set foot on Mediaset again as a worker. It was during the month of January when the presenter left the set of Save me after a discussion with Belén Esteban, probably without ever imagining that this movement would be a turning point in her career with the television company. After a legal battle that had the woman from Cádiz as the winner, she finally He has been able to resume his work tasks at Telecinco with total normalityleaving a record of it on their social networks.

Paz Padilla in an interview on ‘It’s Summer’

Just a few hours ago, Anna Ferrer’s mother used her social networks to share a most revealing snapshot at the facilities of the Fuencarral chain, in which a part of the Christmas decoration is reflected. An image with which he shows that he has returned to the charge with the greatest of illusions, and specifically for carry out a “pilot” of which more details are not yet known.

Story of Paz Padilla / Instagram
Story of Paz Padilla in Mediaset / Instagram

In this way, the idea that Paz’s return will not be to the Telecinco afternoon program. Despite having been one of the masters of ceremonies for Save me most consolidated in recent seasons, everything indicates that in the television space in question there is no room for the one from Cádiz, which is why the chain has had to carry out a remodeling to find a place where Padilla feels comfortable, especially all taking into account that his relationship with his former companions on the set is not entirely good. Proof of this are the latest statements by Jorge Javier Vázquez in the podcast dear hater of Malbert, in which the one from Badalona had no qualms about admit that “he has no relationship with Paz Padilla”, and that he even “neither wants to have it nor is he interested in it”. But his words did not end there, and the Catalan considered that his partner is “bad”although without wanting to give more details of his accusation, making his idea clear and remaining firm in his convictions, which suggest that not even Paz’s return to Mediaset will cause both to smooth things over.

Paz Padilla and Jorge Javier Vázquez on Telecinco / Telecinco
Paz Padilla and Jorge Javier Vázquez on a Mediaset set

Despite this, Paz on his return to Telecinco has not had the opportunity to run into Jorge Javier or through the corridors. The emblematic presenter is on Christmas vacation, which is why perhaps Mediaset have taken the opportunity to quote the interpreter of The one that is coming, thus avoiding a possible clash between them. Be that as it may, and taking into account that they are now partners again, at some point they will be forced to share space, having to leave behind the bad times to appear cordial as much as possible while little by little the waters return to its channel in Mediaset.


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