Paz Padilla: Premiere of his new play “The Humor of Life”


Good things always come from bad things.what is that Paspadilla There are fire marks on his skin, and he is realizing it. When she lost her dear husband, life shook her strongly, Antonio Juan Vidal, And his mother was only a few months away. The duel is difficult, but the Andalusians are not drowning or depressed, but facing life, not afraid of hardships and dangers, looking for new opportunities.

It was born like this ‘Humor in my life’, The first book I wrote. Through it, she reviewed the love story between her and her husband’s acquaintance in 1983 as a teenager to their death on July 19, 2020. In it, Paz captured her feelings, their deep love, and how he faced the illness and death of his partner, as well as his mother Dolores.

His book is a bestseller / Gtres

In her book, this woman born in Cadiz tries to teach us that death is just another step, and we should not be afraid to talk about it or accept it. Indeed, it often becomes a taboo topic, something that seeks to change. The fact is that the reception couldn’t be better, because it was a success in launching five versions.

Her literary works left her with a pleasant aftertaste, which prompted Paz Padilla to take her to the theater.This Wednesday, August 25th, it’s on EDP ​​in Gran Vía His book of the same name will function until September 5 next year. It will take place at 8:30 pm and at 6:30 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Ticket prices start from 20 euros The cheapest up to 28 pieces are paid at the booth.

The show lasts about 100 minutes. In it, the actress “pays homage to her husband, who tells the story of her love and farewell, the journey between love and death, where she learns to live well and die well. .” A road full of discovery, error, sadness and humor, full of humor. Life is full of all this. Why leave only sadness? », as described on the producer’s website.

Criticism of Paz Padilla

For the host of “Save Me”, not all forests are oregano. Regarding the good news about the premiere of her drama, we must add that she was embroiled in a controversy due to on-site comments. Kiko Hernández announced a subtle exclusive: “The bomb has been waiting, but it has arrived.” Paz responded “from Afghans, from Afghans”, which caused a huge wave of criticism on social networks.

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