Paz Padilla is honest about her professional future and relationship with Telecinco


This 2022 has been for peace padilla the closest thing to a roller coaster of emotions. Although it was during the month of January when Mediaset decided to dispense with its services at the head of Save me, a few months later the presenter won the chain in court, thus continuing her contract as planned. However, little or nothing has been heard of the projects that the Fuencarral chain would have in hand with that of Cádiz as the main protagonistalthough she has no qualms about solving these doubts whenever she has the opportunity.

Paz Padilla, promoting her play.

During his last interview granted, the mother of Anna Ferrer He has had the opportunity to speak at length about his professional future, which seems to be up in the air at least as far as the links with Telecinco are concerned: “Until they say so, I can’t say anything. Let the bosses speak. I do not speak anything. But I would like something like what I have been doing so far. A fun, funny, humorous program. Whatever they want”, began by revealing Paz, to later go into more detail about their preferences: “What they decide. In fact, I am still in contact with many of the colleagues. Although I haven’t seen it because I’m very involved with the theater… Actually, I think that I am already in another stage of my life, in another process, and as I say, one life is many lives… And I try not to return to programs where I have already been. now i want to move on”.

Paz Padilla in 'Joaquín, the newbie' / Antena3
Paz Padilla in ‘Joaquín, the rookie’.

With these forceful words, Padilla has revealed in The world that he has no intention of returning to the position he once held in Save me newspaper, having now taken his witness Adela González together with Jorge Javier Vazquez. However, the truth is that everything points to the fact that the woman from Cádiz is completely happy with the point in which she is in her life, having ironed out some rough edges with a large part of her professional colleagues despite remaining, for the moment, away from everything that concerns television: “I was talking about love and they were making fun of me… Then you go to the theater and you receive so much love and you say to yourself ‘this fits, something doesn’t fit’, she settled, thus demonstrating that her last stretch on the Telecinco grid was not the happiest for her.

Paz Padilla, promoting her play.

Everything points to the fact that, in the coming weeks, the writer of the mood of my life she will continue to be immersed in all the projects she has underwaysuch as his clothing store and his play, which seem to be filling up your heart. Even so, it is possible that he will soon be reintroduced to the stress of the television schedule, including his appearance on The one that is cominggiving life to the famous Chusa.


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