Paz Padilla excluded Telecinco’s Christmas in favor of Lara Álvarez


Paspadilla This is news again, and this time, the news in his life did not mention new success or progress in his TV career.After announcing that the comedian will be responsible for presenting the new space Naked eye, In Cuatro, a format that has not yet seen the light. Paz starred in the last title of the Telecinco grid, The chain store where he has worked in recent years, but not because he is the owner of the new space, but the opposite. Digital media dedicated to television, my phone, Has been responsible for confirming who will be the face of TV, this Christmas and New Year’s Eve, will be responsible for entertaining the most anticipated party night. Lara Álvarez and Joaquín Prat will be responsible for accompanying the audience of the most popular Mediaset chain in the Christmas program This is a step towards 2021 and 2022. Therefore, Sanlúcar does not belong to one of the spaces where it has been an important face in the past few years. Although we don’t know if Paz sees this novelty as an insult to his profession, the truth is that a large number of digital media interpret this title as a step back from Padilla, and to this day, this place has always been his home and where he is. In the show, their presence is almost mandatory.

Paz Padilla in the introduction of Telecinco / Gtres TV Grid

reason According to the same media report, this change The need for managers to seek new styles In the Fuencarral chain. Perhaps this is what Paz has been pursuing from the front page of Telecinco for months. In fact, in his work schedule, although sometimes we will continue to see Paz sitting in his usual “save me” chair, the truth is that his TV appearances are more on the set of controversial shows.

Paz Padilla during the performance of El Humor de mi vida / Gtres
Paz Padilla during the performance of El Humor de mi vida / Gtres

This is not to say that Paz’s luck has completely changed.Until a few weeks ago Your book Humor in my life In the top ten In the sales list, as the marketing director of the publishing house explained to us in his time, Paz was crowned as a non-fiction writer in 2021, and the writer had the highest single-volume sales throughout the year.

This is not all, Works inspired by the Paz story Continue to line up at the box office in the middle of Madrid Avenue, and hang the long-awaited posters in each functional area sold out Function a function. In this sense, whether Padilla will spend the party on stage is still unknown, as her tickets will only be seen before November 7.

Paz Padilla poses for the media while attending some friends/Gtres weddings
Paz Padilla poses for the media while attending some friends/Gtres weddings

It was only a matter of time before the actress reappeared in front of the media and explained her special view on the news Christmas exile. Judging from the host’s approach to life in recent years, this answer will certainly surprise us all.

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