Paz Padilla builds bridges with Mediaset after a Christmas dinner


The week started in the best of ways for Mediaset workers. Bearing in mind that December is just around the corner, and therefore Christmas, the Fuencarral chain wanted to gather its best-known faces to celebrate the festival of these dates. A long-awaited evening that presenters such as Carlota Corredera, Toñi Moreno and even Paz Padilla did not want to miss. .

Paz Padilla, promoting her play

Proof of this is the stories that she herself uploaded through her Instagram, hinting that she was also part of the guest list for this dinner. In the snapshot in question you could see how one of the places at the table was occupied under a sign that said “Paz Padilla”, and under it, a piece of paper on which the menu could be read made up of an avocado tartare, langoustine and crab on a tomato emulsion; a taco of baked wild sea bass and vegetables and homemade idiazábal cheesecake with red fruits. Some dishes that the former mistress of ceremonies Save me was able to taste in the company of the jury of Got Talent and also Adela González, since the rest of the cast of the Telecinco afternoon program was located at another table in the same room.

Story of Paz Padilla / Instagram
Story of Paz Padilla

In another of her published videos, the woman from Cádiz suggests that she lived a most fun night with which she put an end to the discomfort she once had with some members of the chain. In the clip in question, Santi Millán, Dani Martínez, Paula Echevarría, Adela González, Carme Chaparro and Lara Álvarez appear toasting, among many other famous Telecinco regulars.

Paz Padilla in 'It's Summer' / Telecinco
Paz Padilla in ‘It’s Summer’

In this way, Anna Ferrer’s mother has settled the tension between her and the communication company that was once her main source of income when it is about to be a month since the encounter with Belén Esteban that marked a before and after in his television career. It was during the month of January when Paz Padilla left the set of Save me after starring in a discussion with the also known as “people’s princess”, something that helped Mediaset to take action on the matter and proceed to his dismissal. However, the interpreter of Chusa in The one that is coming She did not seem very happy with the decision, which is why she decided to take it to the Courts, which finally agreed with her. That is why Padilla had to be readmitted, and although it is not yet known what space she will face, everything indicates that there is very little left to see her on the screen: “I would like something like what I have been doing up to now. A fun, humorous program, ”she pointed out in her last interview for The worldwilling to recover lost ground and continue to fatten his resume.


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