Paulino Rivero takes office as new president of CD Tenerife – EFE News


Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE).- Paulino Rivero took office this Wednesday as the new president of Club Deportivo Tenerife after his candidacy was approved in the vote of the General Meeting of Shareholders with 94,353 votes in favour, none against and 245 abstentions.

After his appointment, Rivero gave a speech in which he discussed the main objectives of his mandate, which he broke down into five areas for improvement such as sport, economy, improvement of infrastructure, aspect social and communication and marketing.

The former president of the Canary Islands government has offered to secure promotion to the first division within five years and insisted it must be one in which the club can “support in time” in the highest category, in addition to achieve with career players in the team.

Regarding the economic objective, Rivero indicated that “more transfer capacity” will be sought because if you want to “climb steps” you must “have resources” by means such as attracting new sponsors , the renegotiation of the debt and, last but not least, resources, a possible capital increase.

Finally, the president spoke of “improving the Heliodoro”, especially inside, to achieve a stadium “in decent conditions” that will allow the sporting objectives that are set to be achieved, although he has given up the possibility of building a new stadium at this time, an issue he does not rule out putting on the table when a greater number of fans are mobilized.

In addition, he mentioned other works such as the finishing of the Sports City and the optimal exploitation of the new facility, as well as the work on the Mundialito.

Rivero considered that the population of Tenerife felt a certain “uprooting” with the club and for this reason proposed “to open up the social mass”, to transform the Heliodoro into “a party at every match” and that all the municipalities and clubs the island feels represented with the club.

Rivero added that majority and minority shareholders will seek a “common axis” in Tenerife sentiment to create an “integrative project”.

CD Tenerife sit fifteenth in the Smartbank League after an uneven start to the season, however the new manager comes off as ‘optimistic’ and believes there is a squad to climb the ladder given the ‘improvement’ of recent days.

Rivero occupies one of the four seats that remained available on the board of directors, which has also joined the notary Alba Aula, the sports adviser Juan Guerrero and the new general manager, Santiago Pozas. EFE


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