Paula Echevarría wears H&M with the suit that you will wear to all events


Paula Echevarría gives color to spring with an H&M suit which you will want to wear to all events, at weddings, baptisms, communions and in the office you will be best dressed. The suit reinterpreted in this new season, it returns to the wardrobes with a touch of color that will make it stand out in any look. The influencer and the actress Paula Echevarria He has discovered for us the two parts of this season, in a beautiful blue color, only suitable for the most daring, he signs it H&M and you can get it for much less than it seems.

Paula Echevarría has the H&M suit that you will wear to all events

The costume is again a trend in all events. Weddings, baptisms and communions call for a two-part that will become a base in the office as well. The idea of ​​making the most of all garments leads us to the doors or to H & M’s website, in search of a suit that we can wear in a thousand different ways.

We need to get hold of the pieces that will come with us this season to the events we have on the agenda. It’s time to optimize each of our resources until we have a wardrobe that is as versatile and practical as possible at the lowest possible price. In this case, Paula Echevarría reveals two garments for less than 30 euros that together represent the best investment this season.

In a most striking blue color, we discovered on Instagram the most beautiful H&M suit. A two-part that will be this spring’s best ally. Each of the pieces will cost us only 29.99 euros, which is a full-fledged low cost that allows us to dress well without spending too much.

An eighties air of the most original and comfortable we are revealed by this suit which is also available in a trendy pink color. Pants with wide legs with a zipper that adapts perfectly to all movements. A garment of good quality that we can not miss to go to the office or combine with a top to arrive at any event.

We will be able to wear the jacket with jeans or other dress pants, the color and price of this garment are spectacular. An informal alternative that Paula Echevarría discovers for us for a few days full of good feelings. At the moment it is available in all sizes, but it is on the way to exhaustion.

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