Paula Echevarría: Her summer routine that has nothing to do with makeup


For many reasons, Paula Echevarría is experiencing a very special summer. What makes her happiest is not only the birth of her second child, which is of course also true, but she also feels close to the one she loves, which makes her feel happier.Influential people enjoyed a few days of summer in Malaga Miguel Torres placeholder image With her first daughter, a destination that is completely in love with her, she usually goes there once every summer. In addition, this is an area that his partner knows very well, as he has played for Málaga for several seasons.

All of these are reasons for smiling in his life, which is reflected in every interaction he has with 3.5 million followers on Instagram. She hangs up some of her plans, looks, routines, etc. there every day. To be precise, in the last few hours, he has always wanted to develop a habit during the holidays, which is to go for a walk in the morning.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres happily walked 5 kilometers along the promenade. This is undoubtedly a good way to get you full of energy and start a vibrant day.. In fact, psychologists understand it this way: “Walking in the morning is particularly beneficial because it helps to activate and balance the nervous system before you start busy and daily life. The psychological benefits of walking are similar to meditation, as long as the Conscious and concerned about what happened and how it happened”, psychologist Violeta Alcocer said in the book “Women’s Health”.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres make a pleasant morning walk as a routine/Instagram: @pau_eche

This stage of the Malaga holiday is a week after Paula Echevarria enjoys her hometown of Asturias. He relaxed there, restarted the new year, and thanked the power to lower the temperature, because in most parts of Spain, the suffocating heat still dominates.

For the translation of “Velvet”, one of the most important dates of the year also occurs in the region of Asturias. Your daughter’s birthday Daniela. In the company of Miguel Torres, the mother and daughter blow out the candles together. This young woman is 13 years old. She is increasingly implementing more things about her mother, especially in terms of style. .

Today, my girl, my love, my life is 13 years old! Thank you for making difficult things easy, thank you for taking care of me as usual… You have a sensitivity and compassion for someone worthy of admiration… I am proud of you, dear! ! ! ! Happy 13 years old! Enjoy life, I always see it! ???❤ I love you more than my life! # CumpleDani13 #MamiYDani », Paula wrote to congratulate her daughter.

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