Paula Echevarría had a very interesting Halloween night


Paula Echevarria Has developed into the evening Halloween. actress It has been announced through social networks how it happened on the night of October 30th. She has always been her partner by her side, Miguel Torres placeholder image, People who have children in common with you. They all like their nearest father and are very satisfied with this little child because they have formed a great family. However, a loophole appeared in their busy schedule, and they attended a party that did not miss any terrible details. Paula and Miguel both imitated the environment and disguised themselves, while the actress chose Katrina, and the former football player chose Mariachi.

“Halloween starts today. My life partner”, he said artist In a post where he took a photo with a former football player. “Insurmountable”, the sports commentator commented on the above stamp. As expected, Echevarría and Torres received many comments in which users “have hallucinations”.

“Awesome!” Toni Acosta wrote. “I like it very much”, Fernando Andina wrote; “So handsome! The best. What a pity there is none», lamenting Anna Antiche; «Ideales», said by Raquel Rodríguez; “You are sacred,” Nata Leah de la Vega said. Laura Matamoros, who is about to have a second child, has been unable to resist, saying: “I like it! “The couple once again won on social media.

Halloween party/ Instagram @pau_eche

The couple attended a party between Linda Scarperotto and Abel Matus Platz, son of the former foreign minister. The host took care of the theme, including dark decorations, cupcakes and terrible ambient light.

Halloween party/ Instagram @pau_eche
Halloween party/ Instagram @pau_eche

Although the night is terrible, Paula Echevaria and Miguel Torres Starred in one of the most romantic moments of the night. When they danced to music and recorded each other on their phones, the couple eventually kissed each other. Although they are very jealous of their privacy, the truth is that they have shown their most natural side and certain aspects of their daily lives through the Internet. People who have recently become fathers for the first time are going through one of the best stages of their relationship, because soon, their common child will be seven months old.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres at the Halloween party.  /Instagram @pau_eche
Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres at the Halloween party. /Instagram @pau_eche

Just a few weeks ago, Paula shared a photo with the whole family, and Daniella, the daughter of her former David Bustamante (David Bustamante), also appeared. «Today our family spent a day in a spectacular place, where people come from all over, and we are very lucky to be able to spend it nearby! How I like it!Really, congratulations to everyone involved @puydufouespana“The actress said.

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