Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres have a romantic weekend


It can be said that Paula Echevarría’s life is flourishing. Seven months after giving birth to Miki, the actress and her partner Miguel Torres pampered herself.They all enjoy one of the most idyllic moments in their relationship, and What better way to celebrate than going to Paris? So we confirmed Look Exclusive, showing that the couple boarded the flight that took them to the City of Light at 9am last Thursday. Although yes, this trip will be very romantic because they have no children or Daniela present.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres at the airport / LOOK

Just before arriving at the airport, Paula shared a series of story When he appeared on Instagram at the barbershop, it clearly showed that he had planned the weekend.Just yesterday, should Bustamante He could no longer hide this little secret, and shared some photos of him in the most symbolic corners of the French capital with more than three million followers. In the instant carousel, the complicity of the two is reflected in every look in their eyes.Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, Place de la Concorde or Samaritans are some places that choose to walk through Miguel With his girlfriend. The former football player completed several dream days by giving his partner a beautiful surprise, which Paula shared excitedly on her social network. It was when they were about to taste the cheese board with nuts, grapes and wine, there was a message for her on the tray. It was a white card with: “I love you. You are the love of my life. Miguel”. A precious detail that has had an impact during the trip and will remain in the memory of both of you.

The sports anchor knows very well “Paris is always a good idea”And this is not for less, because just this morning, Paula herself wanted to use another publication that was a waste of love to solve her enviable mini-vacation. The cover has a hickey with the Eiffel Tower as the background, Influencer Ended their romantic weekend. A series of snapshots soon received responses from some of his friends, such as Marta Hazas, Blanca Romero, Anna Obrigan Or Laura Matamoros, etc.

I hope this vacation will make the couple stronger, and today I can boast that they are one of the strongest people on the scene. celebrity Of our country. Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres will celebrate their fourth anniversary at the end of this yearSince it was their birthday in 2017, the trajectories of the two intersect, and they have never separated again.However, they have known each other for many years, when they starred in a video clip David Bustamante.

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