Paula Badosa and Juan Bettencourt: summer love…and confirm


We live in an era when social networks have become almost essential in our daily lives. It is difficult for us to imagine another way of communication that is not through them. Another function of it is very useful for intuitively understanding certain things in people’s lives. This happens first in VIP keys, such as a new courtship or breakup.The first case is Paula Badosa And Juan Bettencourt.

In recent weeks, the network has witnessed rumors of their relationship. Some voices have now been confirmed by both of them.Spanish tennis player and Cuban model started a romantic first stop New York. The city of skyscrapers was chosen to shout from the roof how they love each other.

Paula Badosa and Juan Betancourt jointly posted their first photo/Instagram: @paulabadosa

Both of them posted photos together on their social networks. Paula Badosa published this beautiful selfie, in which Juan Betancourt rested his forehead on her against a avenue in New York in the background. “Special City” is about the athlete who was born in Manhattan 23 years ago. This photo was taken on her day off when she was playing at the Cincinnati Masters and she was eliminated in the quarterfinals. The model is by her side, supporting her and trying to act as a talisman.

Juan Betancourt was more specific and decided to post two very similar pictures on his blackboard. A new couple appeared in it.He took her in his arms and kissed her on the cheek. Smile, looks, complicity and a lot of love Confirm what is an open secret. “More than yesterday, but less than tomorrow,” he wrote. A good statement, showing how much he loves this young woman.

Before confirming the rumors pointing to their relationship, Paula and Juan sent a signal on their social network that something was brewing between them. The Cuban uploaded a photo of having breakfast in Canada and looked at the camera very tenderly. The tennis player Red Heart commented that everything shows that the photographer is her. Actors go there to support her in the competition, which seems to have become a custom.

These photos do not lie, and show a loving couple taking the first step.He comes from Overcome her relationship with Andrea Duro, What happened in April last year.For her part, Paula Badosa had an idyllic event with the host David Blancano, He recently showed up for her and was angry that some media called her “Blancano’s predecessor.” Nothing goes further than reality, because it is currently the second best Spanish tennis player, second only to Garbiñe Muguruza’s ranking.

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