Paul Rudd Tried Ruining a ‘This Is 40’ Scene out of Fear It Would Upset a Former ‘Friends’ Actor


paul rudd joined with director judd apatow for the comedy feature this is 40. And although Rudd is no stranger to raunchy humor, there was one line in this is 40 he tried shying away from saying. If only because he feared it would anger a former friends star who Rudd was good friends with.

Paul Rudd found a lot of scenes in ‘This Is 40’ embarrassing

Paul Rudd | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

this is 40 was Apatow’s semi-sequel to his hit comedy film knocked up. The movie followed a couple portrayed by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as they grappled with their marriage and the realities of getting older. Doing the movie meant that Rudd had to do many scenes that were lacking in dignity. But Rudd felt dignity was the price that sometimes had to be paid for the sake of good comedy.


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