Patrick Mahomes gives Trevon Diggs’ son a Chieftain’s T-shirt for Christmas

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12/27/2021 –

Dallas cowboys defender Trevon Diggs son, Aiden, woke up from a Christmas present from Kansas City Executives defender Patrick Mahomes

Aiden went viral earlier this year after confusing Duck Prescott with Magomes in the season finale “Strong blows”. In this episode, Aiden was wearing the Prescott Cowboys jersey number four.

Aiden now has a Mahomes # 15 Chieftain’s jersey to add to his collection. Mahomes signed Diggs’ son’s jersey, writing: “Who Aiden Diggs, continue to be the star you are. Can’t wait to meet you at Nfl one day. “

Diggs continues the historic season

Cornerback Cowboys Diggs added 11th interception seasons on his side decisive victory over Washington football team… This INT linked franchise entry for most elections in one season, and this is no more than three conclusions to link Nfl an unprecedented record.

Meanwhile, Mahomes led Kansas City to 36-10 Win Pittsburgh Steelers conquer AFC West the sixth season in a row. Ayden will surely like to see Super Bowl with two of his favorite QBs this season, a likelihood that continues to seem more likely as the regular season draws to a close.

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