Patrick Mahomes defends Kyler Murray and black QBs: ‘We go out and prove every day’


HeyLast few days, Arizona Cardinals upgraded their quarterback’s contract, Kyler Murray.

Murray became second highest paid player in the NFL.

in Cardinals proposed to Kyler Murray five year extension worth $230.5 million.

Only one person in a season earns more than Kyler Murray in all of football.

However, it was “weird” clause to his contract.

Murray had to complete at least four hours a week of “self-study” during every game played by the Cardinals.

On Friday, the Arizona Cardinals lost. self-study clause.

However, for Patrick Mahomes, it was another red flag for black quarterbacks.

Mahomes defended Murray:

Per Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray another example of how black QB you need to prove much more than the Caucasian defenders.

This is not new.

“The black quarterback had to fight to get into a position where we should have so many players in the league,” Mahomes said.

“I think every day we prove that we should have played all the time. We have guys who think as well as they use their athleticism.”

Lamar Jackson faced the same criticism as Murray:

In recent weeks Athletic mentioned that Lamar Jacksonyoung NFL Most Valuable Player with a winning record Level 2 quarterback.

months ago, Lamar Jackson mentioned on score he still feels racial prejudice against black defenders.

Lamar thinks he has something to prove because of his color of the skin.

“It still exists (racial bias),” Jackson said. “That’s why I need this championship.”

Lamar asked to be tested as a WR at the NFL Scouting Combine.

During the episode, Lamar Jackson mentioned that the scouts asked him to do WR exercises at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Yes, Jackson was Quarterback who won the Heisman Trophyand the people in the pool didn’t believe in his QB talent.


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