Patrick Caraco invests LR in North American parliamentary elections (USA, Canada) – Le Courrier des Amériques


This will be formalized by Les Républicains tomorrow Sunday: Patrick Caraco will be their candidate for the parliamentary elections held on 12 and 19 June 2022 in the 1st constituency of the French people abroad, the one that includes the United States and Canada. ..

Patrik Caraco

This is all the more important because the previous MP (Frédéric Lefebvre) was LR and because French voters in the United States traditionally value this party (those in Canada generally vote a little more to the left). Patrick Carac is 72 years old, married and has lived in Southern California for over 33 years. At the political level, it is clear: I will be a candidate for the right, the center and the independents He was elected consular advisor in Los Angeles County in 2014. He invested at an associative level. He has been performing several professional activities in the field of real estate for 30 years.

When he is elected, will the first thing he does be move to France and never return (as other French MEPs living abroad have not bothered)? ” Not at all. I currently go to Paris four times a year and my son and I have an apartment there. Of course, we will have to adjust, because there are 138 sessions in the National Assembly and committees, but there is really no reason why we cannot be in a constituency in North America two to three months a year. »

This is good news, and it should be noted that this time the LR chose a candidate living in the constituency: in the past, the big parties did not hesitate to jump into personalities who wanted to relocate to what they then considered unclear colonies abroad. …. I hope this period is over! In any case, this is Patrick Carac’s leitmotif: “ I am running for the interests of the French living abroad “.


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