Patrice Evra: Cristiano Ronaldo’s only true love is Manchester United


Cristiano Ronaldoreturn to Manchester United at first it looked like the club’s fanbase was completely renewed, but since then the results have started to drop, however the former teammate, Patrice Evra, made it clear that Ronaldo’s only true love is the Manchester club.

Ronaldo originally left Manchester United fulfill your lifelong dream of playing for real Madrid, but when the decision was made to leave the Spanish giants, Jose Mourinho was United’s coach, and the timing was not right.

Instead, the Portuguese captain signed for Juventus, where Evra was also a player prior to retirement and the Frenchman believes that the Italian club has never given Ronaldo the love and affection he experienced at Old Trafford during his first performance at the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo just wanted to be respected, but at Juventus he was the scapegoat, Evra detailed in an interview with La Repubblica.

“Ronaldo needs love and respect, the criticism he received in Italy was ridiculous and a little hypocritical. Cristiano Ronaldothe only true love Manchester United… ”

Massimiliano Allegri worked with Evra in Juventus and returned to the club as a coach in the summer, which means he had to deal with the immediate consequences Ronaldodeparture.

Initially stating that Ronaldo did not play every game, everything sped up dramatically as Ronaldo insisted on going out in the last days of the summer window, but Evra believes that in general Allegri great coach.

Allegri was wrong when he said at a press conference that Ronaldo will not play every game, that there is no need to talk about it publicly, ” Evra added.

Allegri pushes to work, but he’s smart because he does it with a smile.

“He shouldn’t have left in 2019, young people today lack individuality and creativity, and they name their agents at the first problem.”

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